Access: Poorly dressed beggars.

“Imagine that your prayer is a poorly dressed beggar reeking of alcohol and body odor, stumbling toward the palace of the great king. You have become your prayer. As you shuffle toward the barred gate, the guards stiffen. Your smell has preceded you. You stammer out a message for the great king: ‘I want to see the king.’

Your words are barely intelligible, but you whisper one final word, ‘Jesus, I come in the name of Jesus.’ At the name of Jesus, as if by magic, the palace comes alive. The guards snap to attention, bowing low in front of you. Lights come on, and the door flies open. You are ushered into the palace and down a long hallway into the throne room of the great king, who comes running to you and wraps you in his arms.

The name of Jesus gives my prayers royal access. They get through. Jesus isn’t just the Savior of my soul. He’s also the Savior of my prayers. My prayers come before the throne of God as the prayers of Jesus. ‘Asking in Jesus’ name’ isn’t another thing I have to get right so my prayers are perfect. It is one more gift of God because my prayers are so imperfect.”

—Paul Miller, A Praying Life: Connecting with God in a Distracted World (Colorado Springs, CO: NavPress 2009), 135.

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Awake my Soul, I will hold on Hope.

Sundays shall be a day when our souls are renewed to see the world as we’re meant to see it, recognizing the darkness around and especially within us, and the Light who dispels the darkness and cannot be extinguished (John 1:1-5).

I leave you with two songs by Mumford & Sons that can become for us prayers for a renewed day and world. Let’s start with where we place our Hope, and preparing to meet our Maker. Today let’s “plant [our] hope with good seeds” and not “cover [ourselves] with thistle and weeds.”
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