Wisdom: How do I protect my kids from consumerism and envy?

As a father or two little ones, and a pastor to a few more, I appreciate Ken’s wisdom and grace as he responds to this urgent question (as a father and pastor):

Ken Wytsma, President of Kilns College and Pastor of Antioch Church in Bend, OR, talks about the effects of American consumerism and envy on children. [via :redux]


A few of my favorite things (aka, the best toys in the history of the world).

From GEEKDAD on Wired.com (via churchm.ag): The 5 Best Toys of All Time.

What do you think made the list?

A few of my favorites:

  • G.I. Joe?
  • Transformers?
  • Hot Wheels?
  • Train Set?
  • LEGOS?

Their list was far better…

The 5 Best Toys of All Time
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Cleaning Josiah's squirrel den.

Tonight Kari asked our son, “Dutch, what did you learn tonight in kids’ church?”

Dutch: “About King Josiah.”

Kari: “What did you learn about Josiah?”

Dutch: “They cleaned out his kingdom.” (palace)

Kari: “Oh. What did they find when they cleaned it out.”

Dutch: “Squirrels!”

Those would be scrolls my son.

They found the scrolls of God’s words, lost for generations, and now theirs to renew their knowledge and love for Him in true worship.

We crossed paths with this squirrel in the park next to Buckingham Palace in London