What if you had Jedi powers?

Happy Star Wars Day! (“May the fourth be with you…”)

As I’ve mentioned before, great talent alongside terrible character is a dangerous mix. Evil comes in many forms, often as greed hidden under the cloak of laziness. It looks like a lack of ambition, but is the symptom of something much worse.

Here’s a fun look at what a greedy person may do with Jedi powers:


“Master Dave just doesn’t feel motivated today. With great power eventually comes great laziness.”


When you need help with your bracket. #MarchMadness


Today begins the Round of 64, the real beginning of the NCAA men’s basketball Tournament. Productivity will be on the decline in offices all across the land.

Need some help with your backet? Try this:


When you feel like you’re just a slinky on a treadmill.

Some of my earliest memories are the fun we had playing with slinkies on the wooden stairs at grandma’s house.

Do you feel like you’re kinda like this slinky?:

That slinky is taking it easy. Let’s call it a Friday Slinky.

Now these slinkies are more like what we’ve been doing all week:

How will you rest and renew this weekend? (And not just “relax,” which is essentially just not working.) How will you rest — pause, reflect, replenish — and renew — transform your mind, become energized, get ready for whatever comes next?

The Three Little Pigs. Say what?

Shakespeare had a working vocabulary of 54,000 words.

We Americans today have about 3,000 words in our regular vocabulary.

No wonder we struggle to make sense of the “classics.”

What if Shakespeare wrote “The Three Little Pigs”? John Branyan illustrates:

Ads: tempting our minds.

This Sunday you may be watching a Big Game … or waiting to watch the commercials between plays. Super Bowl ads have become a cultural icon for our nation, with ad agencies seeking to make us laugh … and tempt our subconscious to remember them.

Here’s a fascinating video of a 5-year-old girl’s reaction to some of the major “brands” from corporate America. Graphic and identity designer Adam Ladd interviews his daughter on brand recognition for a weekend project. Watch:

Our son easily recognizes Target, for whenever mom is out of town I somehow automatically go there and buy him something.