Starting with Knowing God.

As we seek to shape our minds with truth, especially as we begin a new year, good books are vital. During the month of January you may download the audiobook for J.I. Packer’s Knowing God for free.

I think you’ll thoroughly enjoy it and be challenged.

Packer writes in the 2005 preface:

“Late in life I have learned the right word to describe what I am up to in Knowing God. That word is catechising; I am an adult catechist. The catechist’s job is to spell out the truths, and the response to them, that constitute a Christian’s identity, and to apply this directly to people’s lives as evangelist, pastor, counsellor [sic], trainer, and encourager, according to the bearing of the truth itself upon them. Just as one of Moliere’s characters rejoiced to find he had been speaking prose all his life, so I rejoice to discover that I have been a catechist all my life, though I hardly knew it till recently. Knowing God is a catechism — maybe a catechism plus.”