10 people to never date.

Our high school group, led by the venerable Pastor Chris Nye, is in the midst of a series called DATEABILITY (four weeks exploring the teenage dream).

Check out the message from 8/3/11: “10 People to Never Date,” taught by Pastor Jon Furman.

Here’s his list of ten to not date, both for the ladies and the men:

Don’t Date a Girl Who…

  • Always has a boyfriend.
  • Flirts with everybody else.
  • Uses her body to get attention.
  • Talks about herself constantly.
  • Tells you how much she hates others.
  • Breaks up with someone else to be with you.
  • Has few same sex friendships.
  • Dates older guys.
  • Gets in other people’s drama.
  • says she likes you, but…

Don’t Date a Guy who…

  • Is a poor sport/sore loser.
  • Bought you an expensive gift.
  • Is constantly comparing himself to others.
  • Is never wrong/not his fault/never apologizes.
  • Treats you differently in public than in private.
  • Isn’t interested in your family.
  • Doesn’t ask you out.
  • Doesn’t respect boundaries.
  • Must be alone with you.
  • Never tells you no.

(Chris Nye followed that up the next week with “How to Ruin a Relationship.”)

Wish I had this kind of advice all around back when I was a teen. Actually, I’m sure my parents were telling me the same thing. Spread the wisdom people!


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