London » Themes.

As Kari and I prepare to travel to London to speak at the Single-Minded conference, we landed on themes and emphases we are convinced are God’s heart for His people.

Kari drafted up the key themes, which come from Psalm 27:

  1. Confidence: The stronghold of my life. (vv. 1-3)
  2. Vision: The one thing I seek. (4a)
  3. Beauty: The holy gaze of life. (4b-5: men & women split sessions)
  4. Worship: The joyful sacrifice. (6-10)
  5. Consistency: The level path. (11-12)
  6. Hope: The courage to wait. (13-14)

Over the next couple weeks I will give a summary of the intent behind each talk. Here’s the first:

#1 Confidence: The stronghold of my life.

Confidence is hands-down the #1 most attractive quality. It spans generations, cultures, and draws others in more than liposuction and bulging biceps. Moreover, God created us for confidence as true confidence comes from knowing Who He is, who we are, and Whose we are. In a world that bombards us daily with messages that we need to be a certain way, look a certain way, hook-up in a certain way, God’s Word stands in beautiful contrast with a message that cuts straight across the grain. In a media-saturated consumer culture that feeds on our insecurities, the first step to a single-minded life is attaining the unshakable godly confidence that only comes from the One who fashioned our form.


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