A noble ambition: a new pursuit of greatness.

Following up on the last two quotes (here & here), let’s consider a new pursuit of greatness:

“Integrity requires that you decide what kind of person you want to become. This journey goes against the natural flow of human history. There is a dramatic difference between seeking honor and being honorable. The quest for honor is not the end of ambition. It does not call us to relinquish our pursuit of greatness, but to redefine the meaning of greatness. Arrogance is not to be replaced by apathy any more than self-centeredness is to be replaced with indifference.

The quest for honor is a passionate pursuit of a different kind of greatness. Though its path runs counter to selfish ambition, it is not less ambitious. It inspires those who long to live heroic lives. It calls us to a new kind of courage. It demands much of us. Integrity not only harnesses our passions, but focuses our intentions. There are some paths, some options, some directions that we simply will not choose. We will not merely be true to ourselves, but will bind ourselves to truth. We are not free from the emotion of fear, but we are free from its control and paralyzing effect. Our course is guided by an internal compass of convictions fueled by passions.”

—Erwin Raphael McManus, Uprising: A Revolution of the Soul, p. 81.


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