3 true ways of describing the Good News.

Trevin Wax has a helpful summary of three ways we can summarize the Good News of Jesus (the Gospel):

  1. Telling the Story for an Individual
  2. Telling the Story of Jesus
  3. Telling the Story of New Creation

Which one do you tend to emphasize? I am convinced we need all three to be faithful to God in proclaiming His message. The Gospel is more than heaven’s minimum entrance requirement, and we must proclaim Jesus as the Hero and center of the storyline. How do we do this faithfully, making it more than about one individual?

When sharing the Gospel with people, I seek to find common vocabulary and see where their story intersects with God’s Story. And then I ask questions tailored for the situation to explore and explain this chart (a combination of all three ‘Stories’ listed above):

The Big Story of God & the Gospel

[Download three page document as a PDF: The Big Story of God]


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