Facebook debate.

They’re all alike:

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5 thoughts on “Facebook debate.

  1. FWIW, I think that Facebook discussions are one of the best ways to enter into dialogue with people that we have a relationships with about current events. Christians tend to poorly understand and engage in these currents due apathy, and discussion is critical to opposing that. Yes, there are indeed disappointing aspects to efforts towards dialogue, but that’s a pathetic reason to give up on it. Demeaning dialogue because people sometimes say stupid things is akin to dismissing compassion because sometimes dependencies and other problems are generated.

  2. Kris, I think we are on the same side here, as the post is a satire — and pokes fun at the over-reacting and defensive tone of so much ‘debate’ on Facebook. When we only share our conclusions, and fail to listen to others, then we’re not contributing much to the dialogue, or making a valid argument ourselves. Sometimes we are fighting to guard and defend what is either or indefensible, or that does not need to be defended but we are not quite convinced of its truth in reality. (Or, so it seems to me.)

    Kris, you make a great point:

    “Christians tend to poorly understand and engage in these currents due apathy, and discussion is critical to opposing that.

    Sad and hopefully becoming less true.

    My good friend and fellow pastor Chris recently quoted Tim Keller on the idea of openness to others and their ideas:

    “Why would such an exclusive belief system lead to behavior that was so open to others? It was because Christians had within their belief system the strongest possible resource for practicing sacrificial service, generosity, and peace-making. At the very heart of their view of reality was a man who died for his enemies, praying for their forgiveness.” (Tim Keller, The Reason for God, p. 20

    Today I passed on a meeting with two JW’s, rescheduling out a couple weeks, simply because I knew that my heart wasn’t it in and I would default to an apathetic tone of arguing my points and trying to bury them with the Gospel. (It’s easy to win the argument but lose the person, and since I’ve done that too many times, I knew my own tendency.) They seemed to care about me more as a person than I for them. Sad, and an area for personal repentance. Now anticipating sharing time together in healthy dialogue.

  3. Kris, there are some crazy commenters that come by from time to time, but quite few. Thank you for commenting.

    Won’t qualify you as ‘crazy’ either. Enthusiastic for sure; which is a key attribute of learning.

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