A parenting workshop for those doing pretty good (or even great) as parents.

Whenever we hear and announcement or see a 30-second commercial about a product or an idea, we subconsciously ask ourselves “Do I need this?” If we buy into what the marketers want — a want to want it, based our their projecting the ‘need’ we hadn’t realized before — we’ll buy what they are selling. Or, we’ll figure out the best version to get that is similar to what they’re selling.

Here’s the idea I’m selling you today:

You need to be at this Parenting Worship, on Saturday, January 22nd (9am-2pm).

As a friend reminded me this morning how all of us grew up with imperfect parents (bless them!). There was a year when we stopped communicating with and trusting them, and they were less effective in raising us. They were in many ways echoing the pattern they saw in their parents, living the same pattern out in raising us. So, let’s think about what age or year that happened in your family. Without wisely and godly counsel, you as a well-meaning parent (and me) will repeat this same pattern. We may be doing great right now, but there will be a day when we are not doing great. Let’s commit to planning for that day.

What keeps us from growing as parents and leading our kids in identity formation, growth of character, and spiritual development? Our pride. And lack of confidence. Let’s know ourselves and know the cost of parenting, and come together.

Having spent am afternoon last weekend with the speakers of this workshop, I am grateful to God for the experiential wisdom and love embodied in their stories. They found what they lacked in being effective parents, sought out wisdom, and now embody the truths they believe graciously every day. It will be an amazing day. Let’s do this [only $25 to register, $30 for a couple].


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