Happy Tensions: Head + Heart

Christianity refuses to choose between head and heart. It is both head and heart. It is intellectually credible (if you would take time to study), as well as experientially pleasing. Christ fills our heads, and captivates our hearts. God’s Word forces us to think deeply, but touches us on the deepest level. It is real, and must be experience in real-time.

We each are drawn towards one direction. Be tethered to both. Those who detach the two are either swimming in a sea of religion, or being swept away in an ocean of mysticism.

Know God.

Love Him.

Enjoy Him.

Fill your mind with Him, and never stop swimming in the depths of His love, truth, and taking others to take the plunge with you. We were meant to know God, cognitively and experientially. And we were meant to do that with others, pointing others to Him. God wants to be known. Do you know Him? Do others know Him because of you?


One thought on “Happy Tensions: Head + Heart

  1. Great thoughts about the head and heart: Have you ever listened to Stephen Gregg
    http://www.thenarrowpath.com http://www.thenarrowpath.com/topical_lectures.html#tow

    His Topical lectures on The Churches Cultural Accommodation and series on The Radical Christian Counter Culture and how Jesus Taught Some key passages John 6:15, Luke 13: 1-3 Luke 12 , I Cor. 5:12 Jesus had many opportunities to change the culture but did not. “The teachings of Jesus have not been found tried and wanting, they have simple been found difficult and not tried:” GK Chesterson.

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