The blogging process

I’m a paper-to-web person, jotting down notes constantly. Here’s a glimpse at the core notes for “Jesus Sneezed,” an upcoming guest post for a friend’s blog. (The theme is discipleship in the church.) I’ll link it here when it goes live.


2 thoughts on “The blogging process

  1. Funny thing is, almost none of what I jotted on that paper made it into the final article. Most of those notes were on how the tension of our lives is necessary to grow us, and discipleship must embrace that tension, not seek to erase it (words for mentors, parents, etc.) – I call these “happy tensions.” But out of that I came back to the analogy of Jesus Sneezing and think it comes back to the ‘DNA’ of discipleship. Eager to hear what others think of it.

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